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  • Shengyan Company extends its best wishes for the Laba Festival to everyone


    Shengyan Company extends its best wishes for the Laba Festival to everyone


    As a traditional Chinese festival with a long history, the Laba Festival marks the coming of the Lunar New Year. People will enjoy the auspicious Laba Congee on this day to wish the health and prosperity of the New Year. Shengyan Company, an innovative enterprise with extensive influence in both international and domestic markets, uses this special moment to remind people not only to cherish the warmth of family reunion, but also to remember and inherit cultural traditions.


    CEO Wu delivered a speech on the eve of the Laba Festival: "Amidst the busy pace of life, Laba Festival has given us an opportunity to review the past year, look forward to the future, and express gratitude. Shengyan Company hopes to take this opportunity to thank our respected customers, partners, and all employees. Your support is the cornerstone of our growth and success."

    Shengyan also announced that in order to celebrate the Laba Festival, the company will organize a series of cultural experience activities, including making Laba Congee and holding lectures on Chinese traditional culture, so as to enhance employees' understanding and respect for Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, the company will donate holiday food to community welfare institutions to send warmth and care to families in need.

    "With the arrival of the Laba Festival, the new year is also waving to us." The CEO said, "As we transition from the old year to the new year, we hope that everyone's heart can be filled with hope and joy. Whether facing challenges or opportunities, we will move forward shoulder to shoulder."


    As we welcome the New Year bell, Shengyan Company sincerely wishes every friend and family happiness, prosperity in their career, and good spirits. Let's look forward to a new year full of hope and achievements together. Wishing everyone once again: Happy Laba Festival!


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    Shengyan Company is a globally leading innovative silicone manufacturing enterprise, focusing on the research and development and promotion of silicone products and services, committed to providing excellent solutions for consumers and businesses. The company adheres to the principle of putting people first and continuously explores how to better serve the sustainable development of society and culture through silicone product technology.

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